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Welcome to Binary Millionaires where we provide high quality signals that beats other competitors. Our  goal is to give you the highest probability wins and take the smallest losses with trading Binary Options.  Yes, there is risk involved but so as any type of market you deal with. At the end of the day, the real question is “Did I make profit?”

What makes us stand out from the rest is that we don’t overtrade.  We use proper risk management to rule out big losses and that is combining mental discipline, setting limit contract size and having a strict trading schedule in our game plan. We mainly trade ATM (At the Money) and OTM (Out The Money) risk.  We do not HOLD till expiry unless we call out "HOLD" . We mainly take profit and compound them, which we call it snowballing profit. For our broker, we recommend you use a regulated broker such as Nadex base in the U.S.

       Risk Disclaimer

The purpose of our service is to provide high quality signals. It does not mean there is guaranteed profits for every trade you make. Trading binary options or any type of Forex market has big rewards, but also has big potential risks depending on your money management and risk tolerance. You must be aware and be willing to accept all risks when trading binary options. The risk in binary options is that you can lose all of your investment. Therefore, you must only trade with disposable income or money that you can afford to lose. The Forex market is massive and can be unpredictable. We advise anyone who trades binary options to do their own research before using our service. Understand how Forex market works, know what type of risk to take and how much capital should you risk. Never execute a trade unless you can afford to and are prepared to lose your entire investment.

Binary Millionaires LLC, are not responsible or hold any accountable for any losses or damages if you decide to use our services. We make no warranties or guarantees as to our accuracy. Our signals and indicators are based of price action combine with technical trend analysis to predict future market price. Again, market can be unpredictable which can produce false signals.Also there will be days where we will not trade due to high volatility or unstable market condition. Depending on the market, we may only provide 1 signal a day or we may have no signals at all. So it all depends on market condition. 

  refunds & CANCELLATION

Binary Millionaires DO NOT offer any refund once payment has been submitted for our products or services. Please send us an email for any questions you have regarding the service before you make a payment. All subscription cancellations must be email in. 


Binary Millionaires LLC DO NOT SHARE any Billing Information or disclose any personal information. We do not store any credit card information. All personal and billing information is secured through Binary Millionaires secured payment processor such as Paypal. At Binary Millionaires LLC, we DO NOT receive any type of payment, endorsment or have any type of partnership with Nadex or TradingView or any other service provider for binary option. JBOT Alert system is built only for TradingView and is no way part of TradingView or Nadex.