• How much should I start?    

We recommend you start a minimum of $250.00. You want room and some cushion and only take 1 contract per trade.

  • What are the signals hours?

Hours starts from 8 AM Eastern to 3 PM Eastern, Monday to Thursday, excluding Holidays and 1 Signal for ASIAN SESSION (8 PM ET). Since we mainly use Nadex platform to trade Binary Options, we go by Nadex schedule. Once we hit our goals of 2 signals a day, we are done for the day. We do not overtrade. Which means, we can end signals early before 3 PM. 

  • How many signals a day?

We only give 2 signals a day.  It doesn't mean we will trade everyday of the week. If market turns out bad, we may call it a day so we may not give any signals at all depending on market condition.

  • Do you offer Account Management?


  • How much risk am I taking?

We ask that you risk a minimum of $25 to maximum $60 per contract. You want to risk only 1 contract for every $250 investment you trade with. So for 2 contracts it would be $500 investment and take profit (TP) when alert is called.

  • What happens if I miss a signal?

If we call a signal and you happen to miss the signal within 5 min duration. Go straight into limit order and manually enter the risk price of $40.00 for a BUY contract or $60.00 for a SELL contract. if you're OVER 5 min late from the time the signal was called, PLEASE DO NOT enter any trade, WAIT for the next signal. 

  • Do we hold until Expiry?

We will always TP (take profit) from $15 to $25 per contract. Please do not BE GREEDY and HOLD. We do not HOLD if we are in PROFIT. The only time we will ever HOLD is when we're not in profit from the initial risk we take or when market goes South for a very long time. Because market can turn around the last min or so.