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$50/ MONTH



OTFM (OUT THE FUCKING MONEY) System is a custom-built indicator scripted only for TradingView Platform. So say 'GoodBye' to staring at charts all day because with OTFM, you'll get signals alerts straight from your phone or smartwatch. The system is designed to trigger a BUY or SELL alert for any Forex pairs or Indices. Trade Forex/Binary Options with confidence and stress-free. This system is great for scalpers who are in and out the market taking profits and snowballing them as they go. You can use this system to trade Forex or Binary Options. For U.S. Traders this system is great to trade on Nadex, which we highly recommend. You will get PDF guide plus video tutorial on how to utilize the OTFM onto TradingView. The accuracy is 80%-85% depending on your risk management and the number of trades you take per week. Results may vary. 

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$60/ MONTH

For our hourly signals service we provide our clients with the traditional human analysis by sending out "Buy" or "Sell" alerts through Telegram application. All signals are mainly OTM (Out the Money) and starts from 8 AM Eastern ET to 3 PM Eastern ET, Monday through Thursday excluding Holidays. Some days there maybe no signals depending on market condition. Hours are base on Nadex trading hours since we use Nadex as our primary trading platform. With the hourly signals we risk from $25- $40 per contract and TP (Take Profit) from $15-$25 depending on the call. There is no holding till expiry. We also base the risk through Nadex platform as well. We send 2 signals a day and each signal typically expires within one to two hours. We recommend you start with $250.00 as your starting capital and ONLY take one contract per position. 




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$1200/ ONE TIME

The 1-1 Mentorship is exclusive for beginners who wants to be a full time Binary Option Trader. You get 1 month a total of 8 hours of mentorship with me. The session is split up to 4 weekends. 30min - 1 hour session on Saturday and 30min - 1 hour session on Sunday per arranged schedule. First module, we will talk about how Nadex platform works. The 2nd module is going through my one strategy that I use to alert the signals. We will discuss on how candlestick works and what trends to look for and what kind of charts to avoid. The 3rd module will be on mental discipline. You will get the free ebook as well as me giving you the best mental strategy to discipline your trading. Mental discipline plays a huge role in trading forex market. The 4th module will be applying what you learned with a small quiz. You'll be presented with some charts and your job is

to identify the next color candlestick. Then we will schedule a trading day throughout the week for you to trade on a live account. 







Grab the 'Rule Your Mind or it Will Rule You' Ebook today and train your mind to see trading differently. This ebook will give beginners and pro traders to think differently when it comes down to trading any type of market especially the Forex market. For us it is a mental strategy ebook to see how we trade and how much risk we should take. When you start looking at the market differently, you start to trade more confident and have less anxiety.